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Spring Clean-Up: 

All landscape and hardscape areas will be restored. The service includes but is not limited to flower bed cultivation, hand/wire raking, weeding (as needed), and leaf blowing. Please note, this service will begin on or after the agreed upon date; however, the commencement of service is weather permitting (i.e. if snowfall and/or ice is located at the site post agreement, service cannot be performed until all snow/ice has dissipated.) 


Flower beds and all other landscaped areas will be maintained on a bi-weekly or weekly basis contingent upon the current condition of the landscape (i.e. moderate to heavy weeding will be addressed weekly. Light weeding will only require bi-weekly maintenance). 


All plants will be pruned at specific times of the year depending on plant type. All pruning is carefully done by hand and/or machine. This service also includes the extraction of dead, damaged and/or diseased growth. 

Winter Prep: 

All plants will be prepared for the winter to ensure survival during those bitter cold months. This service is typically performed in mid-to-late November. 

Recommended Additional Services

(please ask for an estimate as the below services are not inclusive of monthly maintenance): 

Weed Control: 

An additional service we offer is the application of weed killer throughout your hardscape (i.e. curbs, pavers, etc.) areas. 


Mulch is applied to all landscaped areas (includes planting pots and flower beds). The mulch helps retain the moisture for healthy plant growth and offers protection against weeds. Approximately two inches in depth will be applied and performed at the start of the year (spring). 

Seasonal Color Rotation: 

Four season color rotation covers spring, summer, fall, and winter. Seasonal winter décor can be incorporated at an additional price. A budget will be carefully constructed to meet all your needs at a reasonable price and will be provided for each season (typically a month in advance to ensure timeliness). 

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