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Petito Irriscape is a family owned and operated business serving the New York metropolitan area for over 40 years. We are a full-service irrigation and landscaping company with a “no job too big or too small” mentality. Our clients consist of both commercial and residential properties, but we treat every customer the same, as part of the family. We have you covered from design, to installation, to monthly service for all your irrigation and landscaping needs. Aside from irrigation and landscaping, we also specialize in waterfalls/ponds. We pride ourselves in providing premier quality service as well as being honest, professional, and affordable. Irrigation and landscaping services you can trust. Experts in all aspects. 







Our Mission is what drives us to do everything possible to grow more with less. Every drop counts and with our smart irrigation technology and unique landscape services, beautiful results can be achieved without the waste of water. Less Water. More Savings. Healthy Landscape. 




In 1981, Vito Petito, an Italian immigrant, decided to start his own business. With just a truck and a few tools, he provided lawn care services to residential homes located in Howard Beach, NY. As his reputation circulated around the neighborhood, the business grew. Just a few years later, Petito Landscaping expanded to a full-time crew of fifteen employees with a van and two trucks providing both lawn care and irrigation services for over 500 clients.  A family business built on being honest, professional, and affordable has been passed on to his only son, Anthony.


Anthony was always involved in the family business, one way or another. As a young man, every summer, he worked alongside his father. Anthony oversaw the lawn service crews while Vito handled the irrigation aspect. As he grew older and pursued his own endeavors, Anthony was still behind the scenes and helped with the operations of the business. 


Today, Anthony continues to build upon the groundwork that’s been established by his father. Providing the same level of premier quality service as well as being honest, professional, and affordable. From father to son, Petito Irriscape delivers irrigation and landscaping services you can trust for generations to come. 

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