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Irrigation Maintenance:

We have you covered from start to finish. Our service includes initial setup, monthly maintenance, and year-end winterization.


Spring Startup Service

With spring right around the corner, there’s much to be done when it comes to prepping your lawn and irrigation system. We are proud to offer our popular Spring Startup Service. This comprehensive package includes everything you need as we roll into the warmer months.


Starting Up & De-Winterizing Your Irrigation System.

Don’t get caught with your system down! Make sure your irrigation is up and running before the season begins. We will do a full inspection and start the system up properly. Our team can troubleshoot any issues that may have occurred during the winter. Like any system, lack of use can quickly cause issues. If you start up your own system and notice an issue our team would be happy to provide repairs and replacement parts.


Testing Each Zone of The Irrigation System

We make sure to avidly test each irrigation zone to ensure that irrigation is properly reaching all the appropriate areas of your property. Just like an electrical system, you can determine where a problem is based on what parts of the system are being affected. By testing each zone individually, we can find the culprit of your irrigation system issues and fix it right away.


Examine Irrigation System for Damage

Even if you do not notice an issue right away, it never hurts to run a quick inspection. Finding small issues now can prevent larger issues down the road. We check every head, valve, and controller for any external damage that may have been caused by winter weather conditions. It’s common for ice and snow to cause damage and cause leaks in your system. A comprehensive inspection can ensure that your system is ready for spring and summer.


Irrigation System Repairs & Replacement Parts

Our team will identify any needed repairs or replacement parts. If any parts of your irrigation system need to be repaired or replaced, we are happy to prepare an estimate for these services.


Winterization of Irrigation System

Prepping your irrigation for winter, commonly known as winterizing your irrigation system, is a crucial step in irrigation system maintenance. This process needs to be completed each year before the first freeze to prevent serious damage to the pipes, pumps, and sprinkler heads of your irrigation system.



Irrigation System Shut Down Service

Petito Landscaping offers complete winterization /shut down services for all types of irrigation and sprinkler systems. We will complete a thorough inspection of your entire system before preparing it for winter. This will prevent damage to pipes and other system components and ensure that your warranty remains intact.


When Should I Winterize My Irrigation System?

While it’s most important that your sprinkler system is fully winterized before the first freeze, many people prefer to shut down their irrigation systems before that. Some find that with lower temperatures and more precipitation in late September, they no longer need to have their irrigation system active and would rather have it shut down early to get it out of the way. This can also prevent over-watering your lawn. The most common time frame for sprinkler system winterization is between October 1st and Thanksgiving.


Why You Need to Winterize Your Sprinkler System

When temperatures drop below freezing, the expansion of the water within the system can cause great damage to your irrigation system. Failure to winterize your irrigation system and follow other maintenance procedures may void your warranty. The damage caused by colder temperatures can require you to make costly repairs to your system. For more information about why winterizing your system is crucial here.


If the first freeze is predicted to occur before your winterization is scheduled, we recommend that you turn off the water supply to your system & run the system until no more water comes out of the sprinkler heads.

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